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The Fatal Flaw Most Business Owners Make Online

SEO copywriting is a very important skill to have for an Internet marketer. It is a foundational skill of any business. Any business I can make themselves sound attractive is a business that can generate traffic and conversions. Therefore, it is important for any business to learn the basics of SEO copywriting and to implement them in their business as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, most businesses need to hire a copywriter to write their copy. There are several business owners that write their own copy however these pieces of copy are usually not very good. This is to say that the copy that the business owners create are filled with rhetoric that is self-serving. Self-serving rhetoric never does well because the customers are not interested in listening to this type of advertising. What a customer does want to hear about how the product or service can help them and their situation.

As said before, this is not usually what a business owner or a business does when writing advertising copy. What they do is talk about how they are the best and most trusted in their industry. However, this is usually untrue on both counts because both of these things are unprovable by fact. Therefore, a customer or client will not listen to this rhetoric because it means nothing. It is only there to stroke the ego of the business owner and the business itself.

However, a business can hire good copywriter onto their team or learn to be a good copywriter his or herself and do well in the business space. These people understand how to write copy effectively so that it converts lookers into buyers. This is not to say that these people can convert those people who are not interested or will never be interested in the product or service. It just means that these people can convert people that should be converted to clients or customers by the business. As said before, most businesses do not write very good copy and therefore they actually miss out on some of the business that they should be getting because they waste the time of the consumer by making them read rhetoric that only serves to stroke the ego of the business owner or the business.

Therefore, it is very smart for a business to hire a copywriter or to educate themselves about how to write for conversion and to build traffic. The two skills together are very rare in the Internet marketing space and therefore someone who can do both will end up making a lot of money on the Internet. Hopefully, this is someone in the business or the business owner himself or herself. The time spent learning these skills is time that will pay off dividends in the future when money starts rolling into the business.

In conclusion, the fatal mistake that most business owners make is that they try to write the copy themselves without any training. This is a fast way to get ignored by the clients or customers. The aim of marketing is to close the people who should be closed. It is not to close the people who are not predisposed to buying from your business. The truth is that every person has a different buying cycle when it comes to buying a certain product or service. The job of a good marketer is to close those people who are ready to buy now and not let them do business with a competitor.

Choosing A Business Networking Group That’s Right For You

Nowadays there are many types of business networking groups and events available. It is sometimes very difficult to know which ones to join or go to; especially if you are new to business or just new to the idea of organised networking.

You simply can’t go to all of them so you will need some sort of selection process and selection criteria.

One aspect you could look at is cost.

There are some completely free business events around but often these are not specifically structured for networking and it will be up to you to network without becoming a nuisance – a label not good for you or your business. By the way, I define a nuisance networker as someone who simply shows up at any old event and gets right to selling whatever it is they have to offer to anyone they can latch onto. Please do not do this. However, when done correctly, with a view to establish long-term business relationships, there is nothing wrong with doing your networking at these business events and I would heartily recommend attending as many as possible to see how you get on.

You will almost certainly have to pay a fee to join an organised networking group and there will often be a per-event charge on top of this. For your money you should expect well hosted events, refreshments and a pleasant location. You may also get food but check the event format is a “tabled” one as mingling, talking and eating a buffet at the same time can be tricky. The fees are very variable and do not always reflect the quality of the group or events. Ask your friends and business colleague which ones they attend or can recommend. Don’t commit to the first one you attend even if it seems to fit the bill. Do your research. Your time is valuable and you need to use it in a smart manner. Take every opportunity to use any free trials or guest invitations the networking groups may offer before you commit.

Another aspect you could look at is structure.

Some networks are run is a very structured manner with little deviation to the programs. Some also have mandatory attendance and referral requirements. Others are very informal and you have to work hard to avoid them being just social events. The middle ground format should have reasonable structure to ensure networking takes place but also some flexibility to allow a bit of variation on the day. Some even offer “expert” speakers from within the membership and these can be very interesting and provide good exposure for the businesses that do it. Of course everyone has their own preference so, once again, try them all out before you sign up.

One final aspect you could consider is your target audience. I think this is the most important of the three criteria mentioned in this article.

What business are you actually in? What benefits do you offer and who needs those benefits? Who do you need to be networking with? If you really need to be talking to company directors of large multi-national corporations then you may not find them at your local networking events. Go where your potential clients go. Some networking formats will better suit trade based businesses rather than consultancy providers and may not have the depth of referral coverage you seek or need. Each brand of networking group organisation is different and each host has different styles, contacts and skills. If you do join a group, get to know your host and let them know your business offering and your target clients. The host should help match you up with your target clients at each event.

Take the time to choose the right networking group and event format for both you and your business. You may even decide that two or more groups will better suit your needs. It takes time and focus to gain the most benefit from networking so make sure you are with people you really want to spend this time with.

In conclusion, always remember that networking is only one tool in your toolkit. However, if used in the right way, it can be an extremely effective, enjoyable and profitable one.

10 Step Business Plan – Your Minimum Starting Point

Before you can began rolling on the fast track with your new business, it takes planning. Don’t skip any of the original 10 step business plan we’ve listed below. Some things are absolute necessities in advance of your opening date for business.

Let’s make it easy and simple. Listed below is a 10 step plan you need to undertake well in advance of your new business opening date. This is only the beginning list but you’ll discover and add more in coming days and weeks.

Your own business expertise and experiences will obviously come into play as you work on your complete business plan. For now, let’s get underway and begin to work through the following list of important business decisions…

1. Decide on Service and/or Product you plan to market/sell.

2. Select Accounting Firm or CPA if required

3. Hire Competent LEGAL COUNSEL

4. LOCATION is an important key to your success

5. Know your FINANCES, Money Source, before making any investments

6. Determine Employee Requirements – background; education; professional; etc.

7. Recruit a Mastermind Team

8. Is a new building required before you can open for business?

9. What licenses are required, certifications, etc.?

10. What is your opening Date for business?

Shooting from the “hip” or without a plan is a disaster waiting to happen. Even the smartest entrepreneurs are NOT willing to take such risks. Are you going “solo” or is this a franchise with a long-term history of success? 90% Vs 10% success rates may give you a reason to make the investment for a franchised business.

Weigh the odds. Research the history, do your due diligence. Don’t let anyone rush you into making a decision because someone else wants the same territory and is waiting with money in hand, ready to roll and cut you off at the pass. Don’t believe it without proof and then only if you are sure this is your choice.

Everyone dreams of owning their own business. Making BIG dollars, driving fine cars with all the goodies, BIG houses in beautiful places to vacation at will, club memberships at the finest golf courses, places for fine dining and meeting the upper crust of society.

Where’s the problem? For most of us, it takes 25 to 30 years of hard work without any guarantees that we’ll ever reach the pinnacle of success. Far too many businesses bite the dust than hit the big time. Taxes, employees, thieves, bankrupt customers are the main culprits of business disasters.

Not a pretty picture but awareness is extremely important. The more YOU know what can happen the better prepared you’ll be. Watch out for any employee with too much “power” in your business who likes to take charge.

Many services you need to run your business are better outsourced than handled internally. Hire reputable people in all areas whether in house or outsourced. Pride yourself on building a company with competent staff, well paid, good benefits simply because it’s your key to a successful business long-term.