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How I Ran a Home Business After I Lost My Job

I was told I would not be able to keep up a home business after I lost my job and no longer had the money needed to support my home business.

This was a painful truth as I crunched my dollars and I had to give up:

1. My webhosted WordPress blog

2. My AWeber email autoresponder account

3. My primary business because I could not afford the monthly autoship

What I did to Keep My Home Business

It was obvious that I had to switch gears. Having a multi-level marketing (MLM) business was out of the question I was not in a place where I could have another bill. All cash flow was needed to keep the family home, pay bills and food. So I did some research and this is how I ran a home business and made money and eventually was able to join a MLM company that had a product I used, liked and an autoship fee I could afford.

1. I started a free blog at Blogspot. This is not the best way to present that you are a professional in my industry but it was better than nothing. I consulted with some six figure earners in the network marketing business and was encouraged to, “do what you got to do.”

2. I signed up for every free webinar I could attend to pick up any golden nuggets that were given related to networking on and offline, traffic generating strategies, blogging and prospecting. All of the webinars had a product to sell and I knew I could not buy but each gave me some tidbit to work with.

3. I was introduced to a free marketing system. I still use it today. The system automatically syndicates for you any and all content you place on the system i.e. comments, blogging, advertising. I built a network of associates and have joint ventured on projects that still bring results today. Whether money for marketing is an issue for your home business or not I recommend you check IBO Toolbox.

4. I was worried because “your money is in your list.” I had to drop AWeber which I have since set up an account again. I encourage you to do the same as soon as you can. However when I did not have the money for an autoresponder I used the free version of Icontact. You can go to I do not use Icontact as my primary autoresponder today because I like the features in AWeber better and I think the price is moreaffordable. It was important to have an autoresponder and set up an opt in box on my blog.

5. I set up a few business email addresses using

6. I made one investment I bought an eBook that helped me bring it all together.

Now I was Ready for Business

I set up affiliate accounts with several networks and advertised their products and services online using free ad sites which I searched in Google and using Craigslist. Here are a few networks and techniques I used.

1. ClickBank

2. Shareasale

3. Commission Junction

4. Paid attention to announcements on Facebook about Prelaunches and signed up if it looked legitimate and of interest to my list

5. Also learned about prelaunches via emails I received having signed up for different webinars and conference call trainings.

There are many more you just have to search in Google affiliate networks, or affiliate programs for example. My favorite is ClickBank been around a long time and is a trusted marketplace.

This is how I managed a home business. It was not the fastest way to build my list partly I believe is the stigma that exist about using a free blog, and the learning curve regarding traffic generation. I stuck with it and followed to the best of my ability what the winners were doing. If you are anywhere near the situation I was in you realize I had no choice but to be determined.

Where I am Today!

1. I have a WordPress blog hosted by HostGator

2. I continue to sell other peoples products/services

3. Using my favorite autoresponder system AWeber

4. Joined my primary business and love it.

5. Believe in the power of keeping myself trained and having a safe community of like-minded people to learn from.

Take Away!

It wasn’t easy but it was possible

A slow process but it all worked out. I learned a lot, I contribute to my household again feeling proud. As I started earning with my business I slowly added to the business the systems and tools I needed to help me earn more and to perform task easily and freeing up time to spend with family. I hope you can see this for yourself.

The news has reported that for many people it is taking 1-2 years to find another job. It is time to live like you deserve feeling safe and secure. Do you think it would be worth trying something different that may help you and your family in the long run? If so complete the Opt-In box to the right of the page and receive information on how to start or continue your home business with a zero to minimal budget.

Coaching for Business, Who Needs This?

Who needs coaching for business? It’s extremely important for a starting business to build on foresight rather than on hindsight because foreknowledge will help conserve the start-up capital and reduce the risk of foreclosure on bad credits or failure to pay due loans. A business coach and coaching for business are risk reducers.

Small businesses usually start out on a limb, and the risks are often unforeseen and unprepared for. Wouldn’t it also be beneficial to know that small businesses need not “do it alone” from the start-up because the Internet now provides resources which will weed out every source of doubts and/or lack of skills. Experts will tell you that it is extremely advantageous to build on the success of your company and take it to an even higher level.

With free information on the Internet, it is possible to build on the success of a similar company, or even several companies, for that matter. However, collating such varied information coupled with keeping an eye on your daily operations may be too much with little time left at your disposal. Coaching for business will not only improve your daily operations, but also make your business perform at a much higher level. These areas for development take place on a unique level and can improve the method you run your business and eventually the profits you generate.

Coaching for business establishes operations for a makeover, usually by using exploratory type questions so that clarity is first obtained and then, the most successful way ahead is identified. A stepwise procedure is then composed, all set for the business owner to set into practice on a regular basis. Coaching is a process which is action-oriented. It’s not for the coach to tell you what to do; instead the coach assists you to determine what you are able to do and what you should do.

During the business coaching, new skill-sets may be recommended and existing ones established, simultaneously with the arranging of education, instruction, assistance and stimulus. The overall purpose of business coaching is always centralized on making it possible for expansion, functional productivity and raising incomes in order to make the business more prosperous and the business owner more satisfied.

At this point we recommend getting coaching for your business. When your business matters the world to you, being the foundation of your future and that of your family, then getting a business coach matters. You may also want to have a brief conversation with a few business coaches to ensure that you have great communication between you and the business coach.

The role of the business coach is to keep the coaching focused on clearly determined intentions, help evaluate reasoning, beliefs and assumptions, and offer constructive feedback to keep you on track to do what is needed for success. Coaching for business is a two-way street, where the mentored business owner is responsible for taking action, deciding on and finding ways to handle all possible hurdles, and reporting on their developments.