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Why Are More People Than Ever Starting a Home Business

This question of why so many people are starting home businesses has both a simple answer and also a more complex answer.

The simple answer is, people want to make extra money or they want to work their way out of their dependence on a job they don’t like. The simple answer concerns wanting more control over your lifestyle and time.

The reason so many more people today are choosing to start a home business is more complex. There has been a steady rise in the number of home businesses over the last 20 years. In the last five years the number of home business startups has exploded.

The two most compelling reasons for this serge in the desire to start a home business has to do with trust and well-being.

People today can not trust that their job will remain secure. The current economy and employer behavior do not support a feeling of well-being. People do not trust that their welfare is being considered and cared for by either the government or the business community. People are feeling more and more that they need to take more personal control over their lives and their futures. This means that they want and need to produce either a portion or all their income from a source other than a job controlled by someone else.

We live in a time that does not support a sense of well-being for a large portion of the population of the world. Financial well-being ranks at the top of concerns for most people. In the world today, if you don’t feel financially secure you don’t have a good sense of well-being. Most people want to at least know that they will have enough money for a place to live and food to eat. If you don’t feel that you can count on your job to remain sustainable and consistent, it’s hard to relax and see a good future.

Those people that have the desire to think out of the box and take action, start to look for solutions. One solution for the lack of job security today is to start your own home business. Many people are doing this while continuing to work at their job. Many people will eventually build up their home business and replace their job income, then quit their job. Others who like their jobs and are lucky enough to remain employed, will devote whatever amount of time they can to building their home business. Most home businesses are part time.

As a result of this huge interest in home based businesses, there are a lot of scams and less than reputable offers being pushed. It is important to do your due diligence, do the research and investigation needed to be assured that you are choosing the right home business.

You need to personally believe in the product or service of your business, you have to have some level of passion and interest to be successful. If you are focused and diligent, you need to know that there is a clear path to make money and be successful.

Either you will start your own business from scratch, meaning you come up with the business plan and execute all aspects of it yourself or you find an existing company to partner with. A franchise is one example of a home business model. An internet based business is another example.

Network marketing is a business model that many people use for operating a home business. A network marketing home business model leverages the business systems, products and support of a parent company. This business model also leverages not only your own time but the time and efforts of other people just like yourself who you partner with. When starting a network marketing home business, you do not need to invest a large amount of start up capital. You can also begin making profit right away or at least much faster than a traditional start from scratch business.

Some of the benefits of having a home business are:

The tax write offs and advantages of a home business are another benefit that comes with being in business for yourself.
More money for living.
A sense of personal accomplishment and the potential for real wealth.
Time freedom. When you go full time with your home business, often you will have more time freedom.
You can dictate your own schedule and work any hours you want.
You get to work at home, be with your family and participate while your kids are growing up.

The benefits are many and amazing.