The All-Inclusive Business Package

A turnkey internet business is a business which can be implemented or operated with no additional work required by the buyer – or just by ‘turning the key”.

A business that is sold as a turnkey business, or also known as a business in a box, is one that would include everything the buyer would need to get the business up and running very quickly without much work on the buyer’s part.

For example, an online turnkey internet business opportunity would include the following at a minimum: an affiliate membership, setup instructions, a splash page, or landing page, an affiliate link, promotional tools and/or training (i.e., banners, example emails, text ads, etc.), a back office, and a support desk or help. Once the buyer pays the join fee, all these tools and information are immediately available for the buyer. The buyer can log in to their back-office, read a few instructions, and begin promoting their business within a few minutes. Most legitimate home based business opportunities today are of this type – a complete internet business solution.

If you were to start your own internet business, you would need to get a domain name, set up the website along with all the pages necessary, create the landing page, create the other forms of advertising, maintain a support desk, etc. A whole lot more work on your part would be involved to get the business actually up and running on a website. But the turnkey home business allows the buyer to join a high paying affiliate program that is ready to be promoted as their own online business solution.

The most common type of business sold as a turnkey business is a franchise. A franchise is a permit or license to open a business that already has other branches in other locations. In the case of franchises, a turnkey business often includes a building that has been constructed to the exact franchise specifications and is located in a specific region or territory.

Anyone desiring to purchase an internet business in a box, or a turnkey home business, should be sure to perform due diligence. This means the buyer should know exactly what the particular turnkey operations include. Not all turnkey marketing solutions are created equally.

There is a turnkey business website directory available online, where buyers can bid on businesses that are available for sale. There are websites that offer franchises for sale. There are many resources out on the web if one is looking to purchase a turnkey business.

Some of the newest internet business solutions though, offer even more for the buyer. The newest most innovative integrated marketing services instruct buyers how to place one hundred or even hundreds of sites on the internet that offer items for sale to people in particular niches. These types of sites can make huge incomes for people. And once they are set up, the income becomes mostly passive, as the sites are up and running 24/7. But as a buyer, one should expect to pay higher join fees to start a business such as this.

So, as an entrepreneur, the buyer must:

• Have a clear goal or set of goals in mind when looking for a turnkey business
• Spend some time researching the best turnkey internet business that will help them achieve what they are after. Due diligence is a must!
• Be prepared to pay some type of fees to join a turnkey internet business
• Be prepared to spend some time following some set-up instructions that are laid out in the business